Paranoia, Schism & Scepticism

It feels like this, somewhat…

Kanye West’s latest news (as of the end of October 2019) seems divisive, especially within Christendom (a very broad scope). There are many who have expressed extreme happiness, genuine surprise, joy and on the side, scepticism, scrutiny, condemnation and nit-picking. This is exactly the problem that outlines the great division that exists in Christendom, particular in the Evangelical circles.

Over in the Reformed camp, especially in the more “fundamental” sector, many have expressed their scepticism and have decried this as a publicity stunt of sorts. Some would back up their harsh judgments by using examples of West’s behaviour, words, or family life examples. Not content with this, they would attach verses and passages from Scripture to justify their “views” and “righteous judgments”. In their own minds, they are the sentinels of the Modern Reformation, unwittingly oblivious to their own popish behaviour that marks what is wrong with the modern wave of “Reformed” adherents.

These are quick to pick up the pitchforks and rally the cry of “Reformation” when challenged. Gone are the introspection of humble Christians who would search out their own hearts and contextualise everything in the scope of God’s Plan and Purpose in the New Testament. No, they rest on their association with “the best church system”. There lies the problem. They look at the “body” of Christ from their own vantage point and fail to see the “Head”, which is Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus was clear on His attitude to the Zacchaeus and Nicodemuses of our generation – there is the joy of receiving sinners into His Fold, knowing that only by His Grace, His Work and Sacrifice can such be saved. Sure there were warnings and strictness on some, but notice that these were to those who were “grounded” in their own religious self-righteousness rather than those who were steeped in the shackles of sin. When the true Church, made up of genuine blood-bought sinners, see and hear the conversion of one like Kanye West, they would understand and discern the difference. Here is one who openly was trapped and exposed to a fallen world in all its depravity since young, and has reached the highest peak of what that world could offer, and for such to turn around – all praise to God.

It is sad that these “fundamentalist”, “Reformed”, “Christians” are quick to judge and to disclaim. They do not realise that their church attendees are surrounded by fakery brought about by such comments, judgments, criticism, hypocrisy – and thus they “act” in a certain way, not because they want to, but because they are “forced to” – thinking that if they would lapse in one of the “rules” they will be shun, “counselled” and continually “judged” for what they are not. The Church becomes corporate, Romish, fake… without them even acknowledging it.

The point is this: if you are continually thinking first of “doubting” a person’s salvation, finding what is “wrong” with the person in order to “separate” from them and always thinking that others are out to “corrupt” you… you are not in the Church you should be in. This is not the environment that the Lord suffered, died and resurrected for. He came to cleanse, protect and provide for His own whom He loves and continues to love. They are to emulate Him as He lives in them. They are to love, think and act as He sustains and improves them little by little.

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