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Re-aligning the Mind and Heart

We live in a world that has a “broken” default state. This is the Christian point of view, if one were to align our view with the Bible. There are (of course) many Christian believers who may not believe in this – but if one is to source their belief…

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A Teenager and A Pre-teen

Teenagers and pre-teens of the 21st Century are a different breed. Twenty years have passed when I returned from overseas. Looking back, I was an idealistic young man who was ready for work life and for family life. I had experienced a tremendous conversion and spiritual awakening in me –…

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Silence is Golden

There are times when silence is golden, and the past few years have been something like that. Were there significant insights gained during these past few years? Absolutely. But the busyness of work and family life has taken away the joy of putting those thoughts into written text. Hence the…

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2021 Came and…

It came like a hurricane and it swept us all in the pandemic blitz leaving many of us with cabin-fever and isolated in our houses. Fortunately for me and the family, we are born introverts who are more than contented with the country-wide isolation. In terms of blame and future…

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