The Key: Coding

Coding is the DNA of Modern Technology Success

It is easy to dream and have vague ideas of “the next big thing”. But to turn these to reality, it requires more than pontification from the “dreamer”; you need a person who can build the idea up. In this modern age, coders or programmers are essential.

The story of successful programs is not about the speculation of “what ifs” but actually getting them out – an actual usable program that is polished over time. This is the aspect of coding that kills 90% of programmers, relegating the majority to “drones” who search for written codes, or those who can make light modifications. But the 10% who persist – these are the ones who push technology further than ever.

Learning to code is hard. Getting a team of dedicated programmers who have this “secret sauce” is even harder. In Malaysia, where young, upcoming coders are always thinking about money and financial independence, it is a rare experience to maintain a team for more than a year. This makes the experience of passionate coders of the 90’s wishful thinking.

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