A Perspective of Cultish Upbringing (Christian Cult)

An IT (Computer) Youtuber Gets Real Over His Upbringing

One of the most unpopular topics (taboo) in this part of the world (South East Asia) is talking about the way we were brought up. Very few have a pleasant and good upbringing – it is hard to be honest about something so personal. I had an excellent childhood and upbringing – not perfect, for there is really no perfect family – but there were so many positives compared to the negatives.

The Youtuber in the video embedded has had a drama filled life – and as he was dealing with his fracturing dysfunctional family, he realised that it had a lot to do with his upbringing – he was brought up in a cult. A Christian cult. One that was apparently many times worse than the “Jesus Camp” that was exposed a couple of years back in a tell-all documentary. His description of the ‘cult’ is frighteningly very accurate of modern-day Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement. Over the years since the “Toronto Blessing” event, many charismatic churches has doubled down on the extremism of that “movement” – however, many of the dangerous and doubtful practices still remain today – along with the psychological purposes of the activities and actions that are non-biblical.

Incidentally, the recent music remixes of Kenneth Copeland’s failed proclamations against COVID-19 may seem funny at first, until you realise – he was one of the early Toronto Blessing supporter and founder. Yup, all that has come out of that sad event, even in Malaysia, still exists among the Modern Pentecostal churches – even though some churches has recovered some better Biblical ground.

Do have a listen to the “honest”, “mature” and “uncomfortable” recounting by Joshua. If you have questions about Christianity, the Bible and church practices, you have the right to ask until you are satisfied with the answer given and you have the right to remain unconvinced. No church or Christian believer can hold your conscience ransom. Sadly, few in today’s Christendom allow for such honest questioning – for fear of eroding their own “faith” or “practices” – or as some have rightly put it – eroding their ego.

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