The Worst of Times…

This is the worst time to write or say anything against Netizens. Stay in line!

2020 is going to go down as the most divisive and terrifying time in modern history. As high school students 20 plus years ago, we were told that 2020 was going to be filled with economic prosperity, first-world experiences, unity and tremendous leaps and bounds in all sectors. Alas, none of that appears to be the case – and we have only hit the middle of the year.

With a pandemic that has nearly grind worldwide economy to a halt, we find ourselves with a surge of conflicting political ideologies sweeping through the nations. In the West, liberal ideologies that has gotten close to extreme socialism is winning the “hearts” of many – bringing about the policing of “external virtues”. Such radical ideas that were foreign to the common people a decade or two ago, is now forcing individuals and corporations to bend their knees (no pun intended) to their single view/ideology – humiliation, shame and bullying is meted on the non-conformers! In this nation, things are no different – there has always been sensitive issues that cannot be said openly. Some have the privilege of speaking their minds on all subjects, but these are the privileges of the few. The many have to rein in the tongue and be contented to whisper their opinions to a selected few, hoping against hope that none would betray their trust that could lead to shame, legal action and even imprisonment.

This is the time we are living in. The world is not fair, quipped my son. Yes it is not. Simple reply that truly captures the year as it has been. Plans changes. Comfort removed. Opportunities lost. Burdens increased. Welcome to 2020, we are only half way through.

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