2021 Came and…

It came like a hurricane and it swept us all in the pandemic blitz leaving many of us with cabin-fever and isolated in our houses. Fortunately for me and the family, we are born introverts who are more than contented with the country-wide isolation.

In terms of blame and future prospects, I am glad that God is still sovereign and is in control over the lives of His people. We are blessed. But 2021 has not ended. The full implications of the lockdown is going to hit the country’s economy very hard soon… although it is ALREADY bleak, we have not seen the full repercussions of a prolonged restricted movement.

So many issues to deal with this year: the pandemic, the virus, the various factions in responding to it, the uncertainties, the irrationalities, the selfishness, the rise of worldliness and the destruction of self-righteous religious zealots. On the Christian-front, this has been MOST disappointing; many are either focusing on the minor things, or ignoring the basics of what the Gospel is – all for the sake of human selfishness. Aim should be pointed especially to the evangelical, reformed circles – their responses has been very discouraging and disappointing. Instead of applying the Gospel to the practical and necessities of the flock, many of their leaders are too inward focused (on their dwindling circles) or laying the blame game on nonsensical cabals and imaginary authoritarian forces – the boogey-man to avert the attention to their own weak responses.

2021 is going down as the most depressing year for most people around the world. And the calamities has not even started to subside… yet. God’s blessings on you.

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